SMART collective

Super hyped to be in smart collective! they are located at 6923 SE Foster Road in Portland. The Collective "CEO" there is Ben. Super laid back dude, down for skateboarding and the arts. i don't think i have ever been in there and not seen him stoking on a skate video. Arts, Music  and skateboarding all go hand in hand, in a way all skateboarders are artist. Besides just a rad shop, Smart collective is also a place to go Jam with your friends on a rainy day or go paint/draw your guts out. They provide a space in the back room of the shop with a sound system and amps so you can plug in and Jam. Its a hidden Gem in SE Portland. On top of it all, Every month they do a Music/Art show, How much better can it get!!

IF your in the hood just go check it out!!about/cjg9