Unity Board Shop

Drive in and step inside with the Sasquatch Skateboards militia as we take way to Port Orchard Washington. You can drive the longer route which which doesn't have much to show...Your better off taking a quick amazing scenic and awesome ferry ride for only $13. West of west Seattle you can board the ferry and be on your way. What lies in Port Orchard you might ask. An amazing skate park built by Grind Line skate parks. Still new smooth and has every level of skateboarding from beginner to advanced. While you take way to this place stop on by the awesome locally owned Unity Board Shop located at 944 Bay St, Port Orchard, WA 98366. With an indoor park and an relaxed atmosphere. They are stocked with all the skate supplies you are looking for. Here at Sasquatch Skateboards we would like to give a big thanks to these guys for being a proud distributor of Sasquatch Skateboards products. Check them out online at the links below